Black Moss

Issue Five


Patchwork Garden by J.L. Seaton
When Atlantis Went Under, It Broke Us by Sarah Kersey
Half Girl, Half by Adelina Sarkisyan
Salt Margins, Refugee, & Night Swim by Seth Jani
News by Jay Kophy
Taking down the treehouse by Seán Griffin
Excuse Me by Grace H. Zhou
this flower of guilt by Mela Bust
Emily as the Tree Line’s Highest Leaf by Darren C. Demaree
your father calls you 小王子 by Quinn Lui
june bug by Amanda Pendley
The Mind Block & The Dissociative American Dream by Lina Abdul-Samad
Thinking of Central America When the Baby Dies by Tricia Lopez
I Guess We Miss Her & Ante, Inter, Deinde by Lindz McLeod
sun lore & flux by Nadia Gerrasimenko
Family Tree by Nabeela Saghir
Aposematism by Gretchen Rockwell
We’re Not Astronauts Yet by Sam Cochrane
this was me before you by Kora Schultz
Bumbershoot by Annie Stenzel
Social Distancing by Sarah Marquez
Matariki by Ankh Spice
spun glass by Amanda McLeod
Three Ideogramic Compounds by Yuan Changming
Forests are Fragile Now by Jude Marr
Flower Bud by Diane Callahan


“Language is Belonging”: A Review of Ariana Brown’s Sana, Sana by Denise Nichole

Creative Nonfiction

Alaska on Fire by Summer Koester
Jericho March by DW McKinney
A Brief History of Tea by HLR


Home Fires Burning by Marsha Timblin
Refill by Blake Johnson
Hauntings, Too, Transition by Samir Sirk Morató
First Maps by Dan A. Cardoza


Reyna Noriega
(Featured Cover Artist)
Melissa Koby
Annie Konst
Geneva Garcia
Maggie Stephenson
Ani Ovsoyan
Lei Reburiano
Tyre Thwaites
Constanza Goeppinger
Dina Shehab
Classic Katsara
Kris Lata
Samantha Sumulong