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What type of work should I send?

The Hellebore currently welcomes unpublished and/or previously published creative nonfiction, fiction, prose poetry, poetry, flash fiction/nonfiction, hybrid, and visual art submissions.  We want to read about your gothic wardrobe and teenage crushes. We want to read about that amazing arroz con leche recipe your grandmother taught you. We want to see your portraits in the morning light. We want to see your heart illustrated with charcoal.

We want it all.

Our tips? Haunt us. Captivate us. Move us. Grip us with your magnetic verse and bold brushstrokes. Lure us into the depths of your soul and all that consumes you.

Themes and topics that especially speak to us include family, identity, race, culture, love, mental health, spirituality, immigration, perseverance, survival, trauma, belonging, discovery, renewal, strength, and empowerment.

Be sure to review past issues to get an idea of what we publish. The work is incredibly diverse and eclectic since we want to create a canon of literature and art that transforms the publishing landscape. But rest assured, it is always exceptional, so send us your best!

Is there anything you won’t accept?

We do not accept submissions that contain excessive or unwarranted violence, racism and discrimination, or anti-LGBTQIA+ sentiments. Hate slurs/speech, gratuitous cursing, and obscene/graphic language is not our cup of tea.

When and where can I send submissions?

General Submissions are always open. However, please review our Submit page to review upcoming deadlines for features, anthologies, and special issues. Also, remember to greet the editor, Denise Nichole. A friendly or warm hello, truly goes a long way.

All submissions can be sent to Just remember to include the information that is requested.

Do you respond back to submissions?

We absolutely do. We respond to submissions within 3-4 weeks. Sometimes sooner! Please allow more time for responses when new issues are released.

Additionally, candidates for the HUES Fellowship & Hellebore Poetry Scholarship Award will be notified of the status of their submission within 3-4 months to ensure the utmost care and consideration of their applications and manuscripts. This gives us time to raise funds, organize additional resources, discuss the work, and when applicable provide feedback.

Thank you for your patience as we work diligently to review your work.

After publishing do I retain the rights to my work?

Absolutely. We retain first time publishing rights upon acceptance and publication of your work. After that, rights revert back to you. If your work is published anywhere else, we humbly ask for an acknowledgement and/or citation. Please note that rights that relate to the publication of a chapbook or anthology are negotiated with each author.