Welcome to the Terrarium! A co-lab that supports the growth of teens and young adults in writing, editing, and publishing. The next editorial internship will be offered from August 2023 – September 2023 and will grant young editors the opportunity to produce a digital issue with The Hellebore Press. Individuals who are selected for the program will choose from the following roles:

  • Assistant Prose Editor
  • Assistant Poetry Editor
  • Assistant Social Media Editor

Candidates are encouraged to complete the interest form by August 10th to be considered. However, the form may close earlier depending on # of applicants.

Who can apply to Terrarium? Where are you located?

Young adults and teens ages 17-26 are eligible to apply. We are an organization based in Sacramento, California with roots in Los Angeles, San Diego, & Houston, Texas. The Terrarium Editorial Internship is online. All communication will be through email, Zoom, and social media.

Why should I apply to Terrarium?

Terrarium is all about cultivating the growth of young literary professionals. We aim to demystify the editing and submission process while affording young folks the opportunity to learn from a dynamic magazine and press that is celebrated across the globe. Teens and young adults who participate in this internship will be able to connect with others in a genuine and authentic way while gaining new skills and experience that they can apply to their craft.

Who will be facilitating the internship?

Our editor in chief and founder, Denise Nichole will guide the internship but the candidates will lead it. Denise Nichole is a middle school and high school educator with over ten years of experience and truly believes in the difference that young generations can make. Denise Nichole’s commitment to youth advocacy, community driven change, and liberation through literature and art, will help to encourage teens and young adults to trust the power of their voice.

Angel Camarena’s experience with community outreach, health education, and advocacy among youth and systematically excluded communities will also benefit the program tremendously. They will be available to offer their insights, tips, and encouragement throughout the program.

What else should I know about Terrarium?

Terrarium is an inclusive co-lab that is dedicated to creating an environment that is safe and accessible. LGBTQIA+, Black, Brown, & Neurodiverse youth are wholeheartedly welcome. All roles are volunteer and short term positions. The Hellebore Press and HUES Foundation are independent and nonprofit organizations that uplift historically excluded communities. While we cannot offer payment it is our goal to change this in the future once we generate more funding. We recognize that the time each candidate spends with us is valuable, which is why we will award each participant with a certificate of recognition for completing the program. We will also be available to sign off volunteer hour forms for students or write letters of recommendation for other opportunities.

Writers, editors, and readers who participate in the Terrarium Summer 2023 Internship, will collaborate to produce Issue 11 which focuses on Our Pasts & Our Futures.

Interested in growing with us? Fill out the form here by July 10th to get started.

Upcoming internships with Terrarium will also be available for:

  • Issue 12: Topic TBA (Summer 2024)

Email us at thehelleborepress [@] gmail [dot] com with any questions you have.

Thank you!