Gold in the Soil

Issue One


The Universe Knows No Distinctions by Gabrielle S.C. Orisanmi
The Devil and the Dancing Girl by Alcian Lindo
Three Fifths Compromise & A Life in Relief by Archana Sridhar
Hymn for Praises, Beyond earth,ether, & smog poem by Sneha Subramanian Kanta
Hana (One) & Appa (Dad) by Joey S. Kim
Nest by Nikki Donadio
Tubul by Jacob Fowler
i cannot understand by Caroline Grand Clement
My Grief Has Not Faded, She Has Split Herself In Two by Shana Ross
Galliralus owstoni by alyssa hanna
what the bengal tiger said to the black boy by Jason Harris
Portrait of Prescribed Time, Emanation, & The Iris by Shawn Anto
Riverbed by Jake Bailey
70, 686 Acres by Jill Bergantz Carley
Not Crows by Zachary Bond
I’m sorry. I don’t deserve to live by Clara Ray Rusinek Klein
Beneath the Rubble by Juliette van der Molen
Other Worlds by Ayendy Bonifacio
T. by Tori Shaw
And When He Speaks, He Reminds Me to Eat by Alexus Erin
Your Tongue is a Penny Tails Up by Kara Goughnour
Acceptual Verse, 4:45 am, & Wildflower Lawn by Charlie Lehmann

Creative Nonfiction

Bitter Grief by DW McKinney
How to Keep Time by Kathleen Siddell
Maltby Road by Trace Ramsey

Visual Art

Jutta Sheiner
Clashing Squirrel
Maria Kassab
Shorou’ Kridha
Rosanna Jones
Dave McClinton 
(featured header)
Michael J Hentz
Dorsa Ahari
Fabrice Poussin
Ave Cocaine
Kathryn Bondy


God, Body, Art: An Interview with Patrick Dougher
SaferLit: An Interview with Lynn Melnick
Two Truths and a Lie: An Interview with De’Anne Crooks


Gold in the Soil Playlist