Artist Statement

My name is Lei Reburiano, Art Director from Manila, Philippines. I mostly work for retail and food brands. I started collaging 4 years ago, for fun and to veer away from the stress that I get from my day job. As time progressed, it became apparent that I really liked what I was doing. I fell in love with the composition process and finding the right placement for each element. It amused me everytime.

A lot of people tell me that I have this unique style of collaging. My style combines digital images and line art that I digitally draw. The negative space that the line art creates represents the void that I feel for that certain moment when I create a collage.

My inspiration depends on my feelings. It can be social or personal (love, joy, sadness, etc.) That’s why I struggle to collage if I don’t feel something specific. I always create with a purpose.

Featured in Issue Five: Black Moss

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