Our Vision

Creative expression drives our mission to offer literary and academic resources to all, but equity, inclusion, and integrity holds it all together. We believe that the landscape of the publishing is at a critical point. Many spaces are still dominated by singular narratives that do not reflect the tapestry of voices that exist in our society.

As a result the work of women, LGBT+, people of color, nonbinary folks, neurodiverse individuals, and those with disabilities, continue to be overlooked. The Hellebore Press aims to bring these perspectives and narratives to the forefront by showcasing an eclectic range of work that is reflective of the global human experience.

Meet the Staff

Denise Nichole, Editor in Chief

Denise Nichole, MFA, is the Editor in Chief of The Hellebore Press and Founder of HUES Foundation- two organizations that amplify the literary and artistic expression of underrepresented writer, poets, and artists. Denise currently resides and teaches in Sacramento, CA. She was featured in multiple publications and websites and partnered with various organizations and companies throughout her writing career. As an award winning essayist and poet, Denise Nichole remains committed to educational activism, mental health advocacy, social justice reform, and immigrant rights.

Rachel Andrews, Assistant Editor & Reader

Rachel Andrews is a Brit with a Californian accent residing in Conroe, Texas. She enjoys reading, watching films, and spending time with her family and animals. She also loves learning about and how to cook culturally diverse cuisines.