To Swallow the Sun

Issue Two


Horticulture & Black Boy Painted as Butterfly by Khalisa Rae
Self Portrait as Nameless Creature by Travis Lau
Little Questions by Marcus L. Kearns
The First Bind by Bhumika Choudhary
Conjuring by Mateo Lara
the boy who houses an owl & a baptism into damnation by Adedayo Agarau
Love in the Diaspora & I ask forgiveness by Umang Kalra
Selfie Queens by Marisa Silva
A Standing Dinner Invitation to My Anger by Lannie Stabile
My Grandfather’s Potato Soup by Kassie Shanafelt
boy crisis & boy echo by Michael Akuchie
sun caves & sea-child, sea-mother by Hal Y. Zhang
Shadowbox by VC McCabe
Yellow Line by Kayleigh Campbell
bOy by Ethan J. Murray
rainstorm (in print) by Madeleine Corley
When Eden was an Orchard by Ellora Sutton
咲/ bloom by Ava Toshiko Deutch
Displaced by Csilla Richmond
In the future, my gender by Hannah Rego
Tree Branch Unfurled And Defined. by Rachel Small
inhale/exhale by Wanda Deglane
knot by Megan James

Creative Nonfiction

How Do Beach Girls Do It by Anna Press
I’m Not Dying by Kerri Davidson


Neon Dreams by Anastasia Arellano


Sean Eli Mensah
Calvin Anderson
Dejah Naya
Thierry Porter
(Featured Table of Contents Cover)
B.D. Graft
Delta Venus
Monty Kaplan
Marcos Guinoza
Pia Pi


Decolonize Your Syllabus: An Interview with Yvette DeChavez
Lyrics as Poetry: An Interview with Sara, Erik, and Justin


To Swallow the Sun Playlist
ft. The Internet, Jay Som, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Helena Deland, Warpaint, GOON, Forth Wanderers, Barrie, Best Coast, Allie X, and others