The HUES Foundation is an educational non profit organization that is committed to creative expression and innovation among BIPOC artists, writers, musicians, and poets.

HUES Mentors & Lecturers

HUES Foundation will accept applications for HUES Mentors and HUES Lecturers in 2022. HUES Mentors will support and guide our authors and artists as they complete their manuscripts. HUES Lecturers will teach online workshops that are open to writers, poets, artists, and students at various stages of their career.

To apply complete the Google Form that includes the following:

  • Title your email, HUES Mentor or HUES Lecturer along with your name (For example: HUES Mentor, Jose Martinez)
  • Enclose your rates and availability
  • If you are applying to become a HUES Lecturer, include a pitch of the class you’d like to teach along with a brief description/required materials
  • If you are applying to become a HUES Mentor state your expertise, as well as an explanation of why you want to mentor and support an upcoming writer, poet, or artist.
  • Include a CV or Resume that includes publications, education, background, experience
  • 1-2 letters of recommendation

Note: Applications will open in Sumer/Fall 2022. Check back soon!

HUES Scholars

If you would like to attend our online workshops, stay tuned! Enrollment will open in Spring 2023.

HUES Fellowship

HUES Fellowship applications are closed. Please allow 3-4 months after the deadline to allow our board time for review.

Applications for the next cohort will reopen in Spring 2023.

HUES considers applications for the following:

  • HUES Poetry Fellow
  • HUES Creative Nonfiction OR HUES Hybrid Art Fellow

Note: Only 2 Fellows will receive publication of their full length chapbook or book of prints.

HUES Fellows will receive a monetary grant to be distributed over the course of their fellowship. This grant can be used for educational, professional, or lifestyle purposes and is entirely up to the discretion of the artist, writer, or poet. HUES Fellows will also participate in online workshops, optional video chats, and optional one on one/group phone calls to advance in their craft. By the end of the fellowship, HUES Fellows will produce a chapbook or book of prints that will be published by The Hellebore Press.

To apply complete the Google form that includes:

  • A Cover Letter that provides your name, address, preferred emails, background/cultural information, writing/artistic influences and style, as well as any information that you’d like HUES Foundation to know about you
  • A CV that describes relevant professional and academic experience and selected publications, installations, and/or features
  • For HUES Poetry and HUES CNF Candidates: 3-5 Writing Samples (unpublished or published) as well as annotations that explain and describe the significance of each work
  • For HUES Art/Hybrid Candidates: 8 Illustrations, Prints, Collages, or other Artwork as well as titles and captions that describe the work
  • A Brief Summary about the manuscript you are working on/plan to work on or collection of artwork you are creating, if you are selected as a HUES Fellow

Please address the email and letter to Denise Nichole Founder of HUES Foundation and Editor in Chief of The Hellebore Press.

Women, Disabled, Immigrant, International, Neurodivergent, Nonbinary, and LGBTQ+ BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) Poets, Artists, and Writers are strongly encouraged to apply.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns contact Denise Nichole at

In the meantime follow the HUES Foundation on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Also be sure to join The Hues Workshop on Facebook. All are welcome to join the Facebook Group!