Artist Statement

Samantha Sumulong’s work is inspired by women, fashion, dance, and acrobatics. With influences of the culture, people, and environment of the Philippines from both a traditional and modern perspective.

Her art explores the strength and beauty of women in all aspects of life. As well as different current events and issues of displacement and culture, with the intention to shine a light on these problems being faced in the Philippines.

*All artwork is featured with the permission of the artist. Please be sure to ask for permission before republishing or sharing any content.

Samantha Sumulong is a designer and illustrator of Philippine inspired editorial artworks and illustrations.

Her love for art developed as she grew up reading children’s illustration books and comics, playing video games, watching cartoons, and most of all, drawing things that make herself laugh. Through her Bachelors Degree in Architecture her talent for drawing was cultivated.

When she’s not drawing, you can find her upside down and in the air doing aerial acrobatics.