Kassie Shanafelt

My Grandfather’s Potato Soup

3-5 potatoes
Salt & Pepper to taste

He diced the potatoes and boiled them. I’ve never seen someone chop potatoes into a more perfect set of squares. Once they were soft, he drained them with a fork, not a strainer. Why waste a dish? He covered the potatoes with a layer of milk. Just eyeballed it. Then, he melted butter until it created a golden ring around the edges like my mother’s wedding band. He let me add my own salt and pepper once it was in the bowl. Sometimes I add cheese, or bacon, or chives. Sometimes its better to just keep it simple, and I leave the extras out.

Kassie lives in Brooklyn. Her writing has appeared in Cauldron Anthology, Coffin Bell Journal, Philosophical Idiot, and others. She enjoys true crime podcasts, mangos, and cats. She’s on the internet @kassieluvalfredo.

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