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Artist Statement

This series is called “Man-eater”. I shot it in honor of Halloween. In some anime you’ll find a vixen who lures men in with her looks and charm only to feast on them when they’ve become enamored with her. This series is one of my favorites because the model is someone who I grew very close to in my college years and I have always looked for ways to incorporate anime culture into my art. She will remain nameless which in my opinion gives this series even more depth.

Featured in Issue Two: To Swallow the Sun.

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Calvin Benjamin Anderson Jr. I is from Fayetteville, North Carolina. He is currently 23 years old and a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University. He found is love for cameras while in college. He began shooting parties, portraits, music videos, and concerts. He recently started shooting film and fell in love all over again with photography. His biggest influences are anime and the moving world around him. He hopes to be able to shoot for the rest of his life whether it brings him money or is just a hobby. Contact Calvin through Instagram or Twitter @gapfr0. Also be sure to check out his portfolio.

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