Megan James

our tongue, mother—
our mother tongues

have been lost
to each other

with this distance

between us like
an awkward yawn

winding telephone

cords around fingers,
counting units

in the words
of your sentences

approximating toxicity
around each

fated loop
a sort of unbreaking

DNA structure,
a sort of tongue twister

you hurt me
& the remedy

is unreachable,
always just on the tip of my—

Megan James graduated from the University of Exeter in 2018 where she studied a BA in English. She is currently undertaking a Creative Writing MA at the University of Kent’s Paris School of Arts and Culture, specialising in poetry. Her work predominately focus on issues surrounding the female medical body, drawing on both feminist and medical research and her personal experience as a sufferer of chronic illness. Her poetry has been published by Eunoia Review, Projector magazine, and The Menteur, and has been shortlisted for the Creative Ink Writing Competition.

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