The Spring 2019 Reading List was curated by Denise Nichole, Editor in Chief of The Hellebore. Read below for the latest articles and revelations in literary publishing and global news. 

No More Stolen Sisters

The National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (#MMIW, #MMIWG) was on May 5th. This day was and is especially important because of the stark realities facing Native women. Rebecca Nagle via Twitter states, “Native women are 2.5x more likely than any other racial or ethnic group to be raped or abused. 8 out of 10 Native women will be raped or abused in their lifetime. 1 in 3 Native women will be raped or abused every year. 97% of Native victims have been assaulted by some one who is not Native.”

Many individuals wore red to bring attention to these injustices and to take a stand. Yet so many remain unaware or uninformed of these crimes against Native women. So, continue to wear read, continue to use your platform to share the stories of these individuals and families. Amplify the voices of Native women. The rights of Indigenous people deserves the utmost urgency and recognition.

We are Not Invisible: Addressing the Missing Women and Murdered Indigenous Women Crisis by Nellis Kennedy-Howard via Sierra Club

With disproportionate attacks on the lands we live comes a concrete danger to our women and children. The risk to Native communities heightens with each introduction of a pipeline or oil project on Native lands. And it’s because the Department of Justice is failing to prioritize the issue. Too often, Native women are unheard, violent crime statistics are underreported and Tribal courts lack funding to keep predators incarcerated and pay for legal representation.

Sister, where did you go?: the Native American women disappearing from US cities by Hallie Golden via The Guardian

“We just want comfort, we just want to know, so that every McLemore and every person that loves Alyssa, everybody that knew her, every family member will be able to get a good night’s rest for once in 10 years the moment that she comes home,” Shawni Jackson, McLemore’s cousin from Kent, said to the group.

Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month is all about breaking the stigma and silence that is associated with mental health. Individuals from all over the world are encouraged to share their stories and tear down the walls of isolation and shame. By creating safe spaces of support, engaging in difficult but necessary conversations about mental health, and uplifting communities that are at times excluded from the scope of mental health, we can begin to see a change in our society.

Suicides Among Black Children Are at Crisis Levels. The Congressional Black Caucus Aims to Do Something About It by Angela Helm via The Root

“We can no longer stand aside and watch as the youth in our community continue to struggle with depression, traumatic stress, or anxiety. Far too often the pain that African Americans experience is either overlooked or dismissed,” Rep. Karen Bass, CBC Chair, said during the panel. “That has to end today.”

5 Simple Ways to Practice Self Care in College by Chloe Noor Khosrowshahi via Thrive Global

Pouring any thoughts out onto a page is incredibly helpful; knowing that my feelings are documented somewhere rather than just swimming through my mind puts me at ease. I would encourage writing in a paper diary rather than on a computer. Personally, the physicality of writing by hand helps me better embody the feeling of letting go.

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month acknowledges the profound contributions, legacies, and histories of the Asian diaspora. During this month (and always),celebrate the movements and moments that paved the way for all Asian identities across the globe.

For dozens of stories, essays, book recommendations, and lessons in history check out NBC News Write Our Stories.

National Poetry Month

The Hellebore Press recognizes National Poetry Month every month! Here is a brief list of upcoming poetry reviews for the Spring and Summer season:

The Tradition by Jericho Brown
Build Yourself a Boat by Camonghne Felix
Brown by Kevin Young
A Cruelty Special to Our Species by Emily Jungmin Yoon

Be sure to check back as I continue to update this post with more important reads!

I also want to send a Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all of my fellow educators!

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