because we want to live & love & make flowery memories
all broken by stray bullets. by guns aimed at us
we found love beckon to us in protest streets
our voices quaked for an end to injustice
our hearts dance for a quest to live
we found love in protest streets

our country aimed at our lovers
our country drowned away our dreams
into the Atlantic. shushed our voices with bullets.
we want to live to see the sunset & rainbow after storms.
bask in the hearty scent of after rain embracing the sands
walk to & fro our fathers land calmly & not in needless fear.

our country was silent than the cold bodies alive in Lekki
the hope the dreams trapped forever in the tollgate
the innocent flag drenched in betrayal of its blood
every morning we mourn our country in silence

peace & unity was our war-song
shot dead on our lips.

Rahma O. Jimoh is a writer and nature photog. She loves to write on humanity, identity and politics. She’s a lover of nature, photography and tourism. She has been published or forthcoming in Feral, Versification, Serotonin, Madness Muse Press and other literary journals. She was a joint winner, Pin 10-day poetry challenge, 2019, Second runner up in the Poesy writers contest 2018 and recently shortlisted as top ten in the Hysteria Writing Contest, 2020. She is Poetry Editor for The Quills and Contributor at Best Of Africa. She hope her works would leave an impact on hearts and footprints on the sand of time. She’s on Facebook @Rahma O. Jimoh. IG/Twitter: DynamicRahma.