Corridors draw you
Much as dreams do,
To the heart of
An inner darkness.

Fast breath, small takes
Cerebral blood pounds slow
Thoughts thick and awkward.

Long corridor beckons
Infinity narrows as
A life hardens
To an arrow point.

Hear the custodian’s shoes slap
Their ever angry rhythm.

This hard staccato
Bouncing from walls
As echos recede
Back to their beginnings
Before it went bad.

Alone uncertain
The dark swirls
As sea mists do.

Life’s chronology lost
The corridor dims.

For old eyes.
Uncertainty haunts
As shadows fill
With squid ink.

Dai Fry is an x social worker x hippy who loves film and music. A very serious devourer of the written word. A new poet published in Black Bough Poems and Re-side. He Just can’t stop.

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