I’ll drift into this abyss forever.
Everything here is inescapable.
The facts, the fiction. The line between truth
and truth posing as truth is paper-thin.
But it’s decaying. I’ve learned that decay
will let you learn how to learn. Is that all?
Just a line between what I can’t expect?
I guess this is why they call it sinking.
Because never again can you come up.
I dream of an invisible shore. Life
-less is the term for apparently dead.
The truth has never been more apparent
than it is now. Or lifeless. Or believed.
I’ll drift into this abyss forever.

Ottavia Paluch is fifteen and disabled and also from Ontario, Canada. A featured Gigantic Sequins Teen Sequin for 2018, her work is published or forthcoming in The Cerurove, Alexandria Quarterly, Body Without Organs, and SOFT CARTEL, among other places. She wises My Chemical Romance would reunite.

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