Issue Four is almost here and is titled, Bloodroot. Bloodroot examines themes of family, grief, identity, mental health, spirituality, and relationships.

Poems of place include “A Mural for Brooklyn” by Christina Renee Milliner, “Askew Road” by Katherine Stockton, “I’m Still Waiting For You Every Night With Ticker Tape” by Matt Mitchell, “A Small Caravan” by Luke Larkin, and “Istiklal Street” by Lynne Cattafi. While these poems incorporate location, they also capture a dynamic range of emotions that are unique to their settings.

“Shopping for a Dress for My Father’s Funeral” by Courtney LeBlanc, “The Inner Circle” by Delvon T. Mattingly, “May God have a photograph of this” by Tryphena Yeboah and “Porcelain” by Emitomo Tobi Nimisire weigh the significance and influence of family when navigating grief and identity.

Identity and mortality is also reflected in “didactic of home” by Marita Forget, “The Corridor” by Dai Fry, “Surrender” by KC Bailey, “boys don’t cry, (but they can survive)” by Grix, “litany of open throats” by Kavi Kshiraj, “Whereafter” by Michael Sutton, and “Finding Home” by Moyomade Aladesuyi. These works challenge misconceptions and prejudices by channeling darker tones that analyze traumatic and difficult experiences.

“Losing Games” by Sophie Panzer as well as “The Swagger”, “Hola”, and “Dominican Robin” by Juanita Rey, provide eye opening accounts of relationships that defy expectations.

Ultimately, Bloodroot is a captivating portrayal of what it means to live, love, and grieve.

Expect the Winter/Spring 2020 Issue, Bloodroot, to appear on December 31st, 2019.

Love and light,

Denise Nichole
Editor in Chief

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