Artist Statement

My art explores ways to combine expressive linework, bold colours, geometric shapes, and textures. My favourite things to draw are the faces, women, and organic/botanical forms. I don’t have any specific ‘agenda’, I mostly draw for pleasure, with no clear plan of what to draw, simply following my hand, in an unconscious act of doodling. I draw on the iPad pro, with an Apple Pencil, and sometimes on my Cintiq, depending on the situation. I’ve not done traditional media in awhile, but when I get the chance, my go-to medium is watercolour and ink.

Lilian Darmono (She/her) is a Creative and Art Director specialising in character-driven animated and illustrative pieces. Her expertise is helping clients communicate their brand message, through a diverse range of aesthetic and medium.

Her client list has included major corporations like Google, Honda, Ford. She is currently based in Wurundjeri land (Melbourne), Australia, after a five year stint in London, UK, and in her 15 years as a designer, she’s worked with clients from all over the globe, from Asia to America, and Europe to Australia. She’s dedicated to solving her clients’ problems, while at the same time always pushing the boundaries of her craft, both in professional and personal capacity,

Her spare time is dedicated to helping the creative community flourish through journalism, mentorship and public speaking engagements. This has included being a speaker at Faux Images Berlin, a guest lecturer at Maryland Institute College of Art, and many more.