Alexus Erin

In a sad hollow
when I forget,

and the big fuzz threatens to consume
All a gossamer good

Light, a corneal burn

And I petition the empty room:
Can a bitch write about a grief parade?

When I find
there is only an echo

of years intending
to eat more than their share

To serenade me
with a particularly aggressive rendition of Carmina Burana

like it’s my birthday,
at a restaurant, and I don’t know where to look

Prayer, pushing,
redraws the line- pairs the stitch in red

Kantan needle embellishing the great tapestry
its canvas stretched

under one of a handful of moons; our moon shared
in bread and pasta shapes

moon, metaphor

Wheat oil salt heat wait
To bloom and proof

To soften
in hotter water

Alexus Erin is an American poet, performer and relic of Emo’s Third Wave, living in the UK. Her poetry has previously appeared in Potluck MagazineThe Melanin CollectiveThe Nervous Breakdown, The Audacity (, American Society of Young PoetsGod Is in the TVLEVELER, and a host of others. She was the 2018 Fellow of the Leopardi Writers Conference and a performer at Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2018). Her screenplay, American Lotus Project, won an award at Temple University’s Diamond Film Festival. When Alexus isn’t writing, dancing, singing, comedy-ing or researching maternal and child health, find her growing plants in your walls as the co-founder of Wallflower Hydroponics. She is currently working on her first full-length poetry collection.  

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