We had the opportunity to chat with Zoë about her craft. Here’s what she had to say:

How can artists practice self care when the pressure to produce is constant?

Reframing rest and self care has helped me to make more time for them. I started thinking of it as an integral part of my creative practice and became more likely to engage in self care over time. However, I do think it also comes with the experience of overworking and making small adjustments over the years. Burnout in creatives is somewhat inevitable and just learning to see it as a sign to rest and recharge rather than something to be ashamed of goes a long way.

What drives your desire to create?

Art has always been a way to more clearly express myself. As someone who struggles with social anxiety, communication can feel difficult and mental illness is so isolating. In expressing my experiences and emotions, I’ve been able to connect with others on a deep level. That is what motivates me to create every day.

How does the topic of mental health influence your art?

I am actually a huge psychology nerd who intended to go into social work out of college. Understanding the human mind and behavior fascinates me endlessly and mental health is a huge part of that interest. I’m all about learning strategies to improve mental health via psychological research and making that information more accessible through imagery and personal experience.

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