You are cordially invited to a party in my brain

Safest route: enter through my right
ear, pass the hammer and stirrup, and
take a quick dip in the cochlea. Step up
on the cerebral shore and follow
the lighted path down the corpus
callosum. Alternate entrance: unzip
the scar where my skull joins my spine
and climb the brainstem. At the summit,
take a sharp left. Ignore the komodo
dragon. We’ll dance the basal ganglia.
Sing Medulla, sing oblongata.

Tanis MacDonald (she/her) is a poet, nonfiction writer, and free-range literary animal. Her most recent poetry book, Mobile (Book*hug 2019), was longlisted for the 2020 Toronto Book Award. Recent work has appeared in Grain, Freefall, and Lammergeier. Her latest book is Straggle: Adventures in Walking While Female.