Artist Statement

Born in King William’s Town (Eastern Cape), I now spend my time living and working in Johannesburg. I studied art at Lovedale College and then furthered my education at the University of Fort Hare, Alice, where I graduated with a National Diploma in Fine Art.

I also got a chance to showcase my work in group exhibitions at:

– Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum, Port Elizabeth
– Ann Bryant Art Gallery, East London
– Galerie NOKO, Port Elizabeth
– National Arts Festival, Grahamstown
– Eclectica Design Art, Cape Town
– Mart House, Johannesburg

As we speak I run my painting studio from Johannesburg. In my work I draw inspiration from my surroundings and people I interact with. I focus on articulating the beauty and the strength they possess. The people depicted in my work are my friends, my family, and strangers that I usually approach on the streets.

I often paint their skin with purple tones/ hues, because purple is often associated with royalty, luxury, and power. Purple also represents meanings of wealth, creativity, wisdom, dignity, and magic. I see it as my duty as an artist to recreate the image of these bodies in a new light, one that portrays the royalty I see inside of them.

I want people to stop, connect and engage with the bodies portrayed. Throughout these portraits I provide the viewer to peep into the lives of the subjects, in their told and untold stories.

*All artwork is featured with the permission of the artist. Please be sure to ask for permission before republishing or sharing any content.