Artist Statement

My name is Ubiomo Paul and I am based in Enugu state, Nigeria. Am a student of Fine and Applied Arts, in University of Nigeria, Nsukka. I am a professional 2D graphics illustrator and a graphics designer.

Visual art among all the branches of art, is the best for me and has always been my passion. For me, graphics has given me the opportunity to work with ease and the chance to correct the errors and mistakes which reality sometimes deny us. And also, during my course of practice, I’ve tried explore and I discovered a lot and new approaches towards art. It really helped me a lot.

My art in general, celebrates African women and culture. I tried to show the beauty in African culture and style. Mostly, their hairstyles, ornaments, melanin and shape. African women are endowed with power, charisma, beauty, and love etc., and I show this through my artworks and the unity among them.

My style/concept features the eyeless images, which made it unique, and with hoop earrings. So, I’ve tried translating these to my artworks and hope this passes the right message and encourage people (Africans) to embrace their culture, heritage and pride, because they are beautiful the way they are.

Finally, I create my artworks to promote and trigger sense of peace, hope, self love, and mindfulness when people look at it.

*All artwork is featured with the permission of the artist. Please be sure to ask for permission before republishing or sharing any content.