I dreamt I sat by the sea today,
red apple nested in my palm,
Mediterranean wind waltzing
throughout my hair,
the world feeling like somewhere
soft again.

origin and I

in the midst of my day
a wilderness comes to me
and takes over. I welcome
it with open arms: it is
where i come from,
returning to me, 


tips of hair fall down her spine
like a river seeping droplets
of wild anatomical light: earthbound.

beneath her soles grow moonflowers.
she walks leaving behind traces of

she palpitates with calm ferocity,
like nighttime.

it is not a handful of organ she nests
behind her lungs but the whole
goddamn moon.

Perla Kantarjian is a Lebanese-Armenian writer, journalist, and editor, presently based in Norwich. Her written work has appeared in numerous publications, including Rusted Radishes, International Literary Quarterly, Harpy Hybrid Review, and Panoplyzine. She is currently pursuing her MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia.