Artist Statement

Daniel Tetteh Nartey is a Ghanaian painter of the famed Ghannata College of Art & Design which produced world class artists such as Amoako Boafo, Otis Qwaku, Kwesibotwey, among others.

In his own words, “Me being an artist is means to self actualization.”

Nartey’s works are in a constant state of evolution as with life experiences and interpretations. He uses the canvas as a mirror to visualize one’s own state of mind in transcendence.

His paintings are inspired by both intentional and unintentional acts portrayed in our everyday poses. The awkardness and the satirical nature which remains elusive living the human action undefined.

This is most evident in his words where figures lack visible expressions, emotions, and resemblence, reintroducing a line technique rendered to faces yet capturing their being in motion and evolution, allowing the viewer to have ownership of how they define each art piece.

*All artwork is featured with the permission of the artist. Please be sure to ask for permission before republishing or sharing any content.