Shirtless in the Backseat of Your Car

I wanted to look shy
in the cute way, innocent
and beaconing out to you
like my eyes were not
wide in fear, like my lip
was not a deer stunned
in the road. You reached
toward my chin, your fingers
cupping my freshly shaved skin,
you asked if you could
kiss me and I exhaled
leaning into your hand—
You kissed me. You
leaned your shoulders
to face the door, your hand
lightly tugging my hair
like you were pulling weeds
from the dirt, careful
as your tongue tongued its way
into my mouth like a warm
wet strawberry pulsing
with lust as your groin
pressed into my thigh
like a foot tentatively
then unabashedly testing
the thickness of ice,
not caring if it cracked,
almost hoping to fall through.
And when it did, when you
reached under my shirt,
examined the soft flesh beneath
like you were looking
at a bounty of fresh fruit
after having not eaten for days,
as you kissed down
the length of me, cherishing,
every beautiful thing you said
came true—at least—it did
in the backseat of your car.

Aidan Aragon is a poet, college student, and cleric in their current D&D campaign. Their work has been featured in Peach Mag, Homology Lit, and Cosmonauts Ave among others. You can find Aidan on twitter @aidanaragon.