animal crossing mom

2 think this island mine, all those twitchy melodies
airborne & sweet. if you carry each hour atop
another, this cuts through. clicking beetles, salmon
rustling water-tops, me, not quite alone.
i’m getting good @ taking, better @ giving. each peach
left comes back: apple, orange, rosebud, tulip. rain
doesn’t care what grows & there’s enough light for all their scents
to symphony. if i pluck heads or rock trunks till roots shimmy,
i know their return. Mom, when the day comes, i’ll be kinder.
either a new year or when i remember to write back. i’ll be honest,
my walks take me down by the postcards, where grass gives way
to sand, a long ways from a house i set atop all this; michaelangelo’s david
beside it like some goliath. we watch seasons leak together; cherry trees
twine with pear; me, hesitating by a post box. Tell me to come home and i will.

Adriano Noble is an LGBT+ poet from the West Midlands. He is currently studying English Literature and Classics at Durham University; he is also the editor of the University’s The Gentian. He can be found on Twitter at @no_ao_.